Climate Leaders Coalition

Clim is CLC Innov Work-stre Project supported by the CEOs, le sign of the

Clim Le Co

The ide for the Clim Le Co c during meeting in October 2017, by number of CEOs from le New Ze businesses.

The CEOs recognised th there w cle need for collective solutions to t clim ch

The Clim Le Co w l in July 2018 to promote business le collective on the issue of clim ch

Org involved view clim ch opportunity to reduce their imp on the environment, m their businesses run more efficiently, respond to ch consumer preferences.

In to committing to the St, the org involved dedic resources, expertise funding tow innov projects.

They c for other le…

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Sign Growing Representing


Of New Ze Gross Emissions M up le


NZ Priv Sector GDP Employing


New Ze

Co Go

“Help New Ze tr to low emissions economy, in doing so, cre positive future for New Ze, business, the economy.”

Innov Mission

“Build repe sc pl, driven by New Ze business le young t, th delivers innov in product, process, systems beh to m New Ze’s c zero ch”

Support the…

Next Gener of Innov

Clim is growing collective of t p on mission to deliver innov, systems, products, new beh to t New Ze tow C Zero.

To meet the ch we f we need to together with urgency. Clim Progr st by bringing together f, st mindset, powerful influence, robust systems intelligent, coll to one of hum biggest ch It’s ch by the Clim Le Co

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