Start/up. Innovation. Climate.

The Climate-X Programme


Climate-X is on a mission

Climate-X is a growing collective of talent and passion on a mission to deliver innovation, systems, products, and new behaviour to take New Zealand toward sustainability.

To meet the challenges we face we need to act together and with urgency. Climate-X Programme starts by bringing together a fast-paced, a start-up mindset, powerful influence, robust systems and intelligent, collaborative action to one of humanities biggest challenges. 

Now is the time to act

Reinventing our model...

The prototype of our model and event was greatly received and the First ever Climate-X 3 Day Sprint a knockout success. We are reinventing our work in these times.

With 2020 bringing biological systems and risks to humanities attention, we believe our work for a life-centric civilisation more important than ever... However the current context of COVID-19 changes many things about bringing innovators together that we previously took for granted and requires a fundamental shift in our approach. 

What we want to achieve

We're looking for gamebreakers who have the energy, spirit and desire to correct society's current course.

We believe that through small dedicated teams, new ideas can be created and pursued to become viable and scalable solutions.

Our plan is to build a collective of passionate individuals who engage with the technical, social and commercial issues of carbon and climate. Together they will be committed to developing and deploying real projects.

Using a start-up approach, we’ll harness people’s ideas and talent. The best ideas will then attract the resources and technologies to become viable and commercial projects.

You’ll work with talented individuals who give a damn.  This is a place to find like-minded people, probably from every level of society, every tier in organisations and with a range of leadership experience. You’ll work together in small teams to address big problems by focusing on the levers that will make the biggest difference.

Above all, we value collaboration, positive thinking and a can-do attitude.

“The problems that exist
in the world today cannot be solved
by the level of thinking
that created them”.

Albert Einstein

“It is the greatest of all mistakes
to do nothing because you fear
you can only do a little.” 

Sydney Smith

Do you have what it takes?

Do you care about the future? Do you want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem? Are you a gamebreaker or a spectator? Are you brave enough to be accountable and critiqued by your peers?

We're looking for people who want to make a difference and who understand that each and every one of us has an ability to contribute. By starting small with achievable and scalable projects, together we can change the course of history.

If you're looking to start or continue a journey to understand what we need to do to change the future one step at a time; if you're looking to make a difference through action; and looking for like-minded souls who are committed to take action and follow through; then this just might be your tribe.

If you care about the future and want to do something, sign up here.

Six things to know

  1. Climate-X is about starting small on the big issues
  2. Innovation should be scalable – let’s take it to the world
  3. Projects need to be pan-corporate* – collaboration is critical
  4. It’s a people thing – technology and resources will follow
  5. The platform is there to be stretched to included others with ideas and resources
  6. Best practices is our foundation for the structure

* Teams have members from 2 or more organisations

How it will work

The Climate-X Programme builds on the lessons from start-up weekend style event and deepens the tried and tested approach of bringing talented people together to validate and build out an idea.

What’s different about Climate-X is that we are putting as much effort into the pre-planning and post-event work as we are into the event itself.

This is designed to activate latent interest and to create momentum.

Climate-X Orientation

Climate-X Orientation events will serve as an orientation to the goals, vision and methods. During these sessions, participants will gain understanding of key concepts and develop knowledge.

Climate-X Orientation events connect the shared commitment and help form ideas that will be taken into the Climate-X Sprint.

Climate-X Sprint

The Climate-X Sprint is where small, cross-functional teams will self-select by coalescing around ideas through a quick-fire pitch session on the first day. Work with people from other organisations and backgrounds.

These focused teams build their ideas and validate them with experts, industry and mentors. Ideas are pressure-tested and grown in pitch practices and mentor sessions. New information is integrated or entire idea pivots occur as they develop every aspect throughout the event. 

By Day Three, teams work to further validate, build out a commercial model for team pitches to a judging panel. Every team pitches to the Climate-X Sprint room. Select VIPs and judges deliberate to define category leaders.

Climate-X Mentor and Measure

After the Climate-X Sprint, category winners and viable teams enter a cohort stream and continue to meet regularly for mentoring and accountability in Climate-X Mentor and Measure.

The most viable projects may be considered to pitch for kick-starter funding from the Climate Leaders Coalition.

The Climate-X Programme has 3 parts

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Connect People and Ideas

Climate-X Orientation

The programme will launch with a series of short, orientation sessions so everyone can meet. At these short sessions, you’ll learn about start-up and innovation processes as well as carbon levers that can make the biggest impact.

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Develop Your innovation

Climate-X Sprint

A focused three-day sprint is where teams will put your ideas into an innovation process of modelling, prototyping, rapid testing and iteration. It’s a proven format of fast-paced development cycles over 50 hours. First-class mentors and experts will be on-hand to help.

Day One

Find and Form

Gather your Team
Define your Idea

Day Two

Validate and Build

Test Assumptions
Develop Proposition

Day Three

Perfect and Pitch

Present the Prototype
Dazzle the Judges 🙂

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Develop and Realise

Climate-X Mentor and Measure Series

Ideas that succeed will have mentoring through regular sessions. The aim is to get them to a viable, scalable state by the end of the year. There’s no time to waste.

Create and fine tune

Live Ventures

Who can join?

We’re looking for talented individuals from all walks of life to sign up for the Climate-X Programme - analysts and problem-solvers, commercial developers and software developers, engineers and scientists, futurists and strategists.

We’ll also need event organisers, sector-specific and generalist mentors, judges and ambassadors.

At the end of the day, anybody who gives a damn about climate change, and wants to be involved, can have a role in Climate-X.

We want to keep going

You're what matters. The trick to Climate-X is sustainability.

Climate-X can be a movement – not a company-led project that lives or dies on annual budgets.

Yes, the Climate Leaders Coalition, which represents some of our biggest companies, is supporting this. And the Coalition have committed funding and time, when it can be spared.

But the long-term sustainability of Climate-X will also depend on your commitment, passion and desire to make a difference. The platform and structures will be in place: how it is used will be up to you.

Climate Leaders Coalition created...

Climate-X to make an immediate, significant change

Top Leaders and Companies have made a commitment to New Zealand and the environment by being a signatory to the Climate Leaders Coalition agreement. Nice! Together, the companies in the Coalition account for over 50% of New Zealand’s carbon emissions - imagine what an impact we can make together! CEOs in the 13 founding Coalition partners have lead by giving staff-time and other resources to support Climate-X. The Coalition is about turning words into action and backing people like you to get stuck in and make a difference.

There’s a role for you if...

you’ve got what it takes

The X in Climate-X is for innovation squared; it’s also for X factor. If you’ve got it, or you want to develop it, then this programme is for you. It’s for people who are talented in their field, passionate about reducing carbon impact and ready to contribute. You’ll need to come to the events (especially the Climate-X Sprint), get involved in a team and then keep working to make your idea a success. It’ll take some grit, but the rewards are that you’ll put your shoulder to transformIng climate impact, and yourself.

Champion Innovation where it counts


Ambassadors are champions for the movement of Climate-X in organisations and out there in the world. Their role is equal parts talent spotter, connector, cheerleader and intrapreneur. They know how to make sure the right people in their organisation are informed and enrolled.

What is in it for


Adapting to new demands means innovating; whether it is industry standards,  investment requirements,  competitive technologies or business model shifts.  We're in unprecedented times so developing talent and capability  is everybody's business.  Starting your promising talent in a Climate-X Sprint gets them engaged with the issues, now and in the future.

What is in it for


Many great things start with a simple conversation. Somebody holds the door open to an opportunity or a career, somebody encourages us.  The talent and innovations of tomorrow might be within our organisations and networks right now.  If every person who understands the importance of this project brought another person with them... Well imagine that.

Work together as


Event participants can come from anywhere, from any level of an organisation or from the wild - they’re the ones who see opportunities around them, then do something about it. We’re looking for a balance of domain experts, project solution builders and professionals with a commercial mindset. Start with a Climate-X Orientation Event or go straight to a Climate-X Sprint.

  • As a domain expert, you may have a career or role in sustainability.
  • Every team will need project solution builders with technical skills like engineering, science, programming and more.
  • A start-up or commercial perspective is great start, so if you work in Agile, have been to start-up weekends, understand product development, marketing or money, then you’ll be a valuable participant.
  • Showing up and caring enough to builds something is how we’ll move the dial
  • Opportunities to make a difference over and above your role are what Carbon-x is all about
Passion and Talent

Startup and Business

Ideas need a range of diverse talent from different backgrounds to bring them to life. You might be someone who can understand and bring the skills and knowledge of how to get things built in the business world. Marketing, finance, management and communications work together to deliver on the promise of the idea. Often they need to be as innovative as the product. You'll work with passionate people committed to our future and learn new skills.

Passion and Talent

Climate and Carbon

We're focused on impacting carbon emissions. There are specific problems that require a solution. That means understanding the process of reducing them. It might be directly - the science and technology, or immediately surrounding the issue - the systems like production methods or organisational needs. These are just a start. If you're in this area then this is a way to amplify what you know and bring it to the world.

Contribute your knowledge

Mentors and Specialists

Mentors and specialists will bring out the best in every team. They need to be knowledgeable about models, solutions, and projects, and will have proven themselves in their field and as experienced, successful innovation coaches.

You'll work with people at every stage of the process, through the challenges and breakthroughs; you'll be able to share what you know in practical meaningful ways and you'll work with a Lead Mentor and Mentor Team to get the Sprint Teams as far as we can.  If you are not sure... Then talk to us. Mentors will gain as much skill and understanding about the innovation process as the participants.

The two main types of participants - Startup and Business, and Climate and Carbon, are supported by two types of Mentors.

Experts and Knowhow

Startup and Business

Innovation Teams need to identify and test ideas (product or proposition validation), understand markets (market validation), build business and delivery models, and connect it all together. Expertise and knowhow in marketing, finance, management and communications is needed. You might also connect Innovation Teams with industry connections and networks to validate and accelerate their progress. 

Experts and Knowhow

Carbon and Climate

Because Innovation Teams are working on projects to impact carbon and climate they need to know how to move the levers. Identifying, moving and measuring progress on the central issue requires knowledge and experience. If you already know the challenges we face and are looking to get information in the places that make a difference then this is a powerful opportunity to contribute and scale your knowhow.

Calling Narrators and Custodians


Climate-X is carving a new path to the future, so it’s essential that we draw up a map as we go. Curators are vital. They’ll codify best-practice, record our lessons, showcase wins and tell our stories. If you’re curious, have a way with words or ordering complex, messy data, you might be our ‘cartographer of possibilities’

Host and assist people to do great work

Event Crew

When people work hard support teams handle the things that allow them to accomplish. Event Crews come together to manage and launch each event, small or large, in the Climate-X Programme. If you want to support innovation by helping to organise Climate-X Orientation or Climate-X Sprint Events then let us know.

We look forward to working with you 🙂

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