Climate-X Sprint


Clim Orient

Align, Connect

Clim Sprint

Prototype, Build

Clim Mentor Me

Grow, Deliver

Clim Orient

Align, Connect

Clim Sprint

Prototype, Build

Clim Mentor Me

Grow, Deliver

Who gives d the pl We do!

St Prototype. Build. Ch the G

The Clim three-d sprint is your ch to put ide into innov process of modelling, prototyping, r testing iter It’s proven form of f development cycles over 50 hours. Wherever you st, this Sprint will t you to the next step. Together, we’ll go further.

  • St Innov

    Models, skills methods for prototyping delivering innov

  • Explore Clim Levers

    Wh needs to shift how to shift the things th m

  • Like minds in

    Meet those people who sh the, t will to m difference.

Develop your innov

You’ll le AND experience st, getting things done with others. First-cl mentors experts will be on-h to help you with the process identify c levers th will m the biggest imp

D One

Find Form

G your Te
Define your Ide

By the end of the first d, you will h g te promising concept, put down some det, m pl of who’s doing wh to m the sprint success.

Buckle in!

Beginning with open mic pitches, the first d st with innov bringing their best ide to the floor. The le concepts will inspire others to get into te m them re

Throughout the evening, you’ll get tips how to m your pitch g te – skills th you’ll use f beyond this progr!  You’ll be equipped to sort out roles within your te, m K processes, your business model c more.

By the end of the first d, you’ll h g bunch of like-minded people who re to do more th just sit on the side-lines of clim ch  These people m well become your most v cont for the next st in your c imp

D Two

Prototype, V Build

Test Assumptions
Develop Proposition

Develop your Imp

On D Two, te focus on model development, v, pr LEAN St Methodologies building minim vi proposition.  There’s not moment to lose. You’ll be surrounded by support inform so th you c get where you need to go.

Experienced innov business mentors will wr you to ensure you h gre fr to pl, ch your thinking.  Clim Experts will be to direct you on specific technic ch

During the event, series of micro workshops will ensure your le is one step of the progress you need to m

  • Te Working together when you’re under pressure
  • Le From in front within
  • V Choosing questions th count
  • Ch Identifying the best ch people for re cut-through
  • Your M Finding fitting
D Three

Perfect Pitch

Present the Prototype
D the Judges 🙂

P Present

On d three, you’ll be how much you c continue to refine develop your ide You’ll h me, fluid discussions th le to new opportunities gre focus.

Once, your mentors will be there to m sure nothing gets in your w They’ll be to t commerci, help you get things done direct you to the right technic experts.

The micro-workshops will continue to equip you with st skills th you’ll keep for life:

  • Imp Identifying your imp e hitting t th m
  • Business Model: Delivering wh counts
  • P Funding: Lever v
  • L the win : Wh judges notice when the competition is tough

On the fin evening your te will demo your prototype receive feedb from p of judges. Their experience will help you review results, pinpoint lessons le, sh the best discoveries. You’ll le knowing the next steps you need to t on your ro to success.

Vi ide will h opportunity to go through the 90-d Mentor Me series. It will help te set t then progress tow them while st

The Clim Sprint is triggering w of new sh energy to cre new import solutions. To meet the ch we f, we must bring together people from different industries disciplines who c work h with cre spirit sh mission.  

Im being surrounded by like-minded individu who h come to le, coll contribute much you. It’s simply impossible to finish without something speci In, by merely working under pressure with your te, you’ll build bond th will extend w beyond the Sprint. It’s nurturing this kind of strength th will power us to ch the pl’s future.