Packing and parking for the Climate-X 3Day Sprint

There’s one more sleep to go before the first Climate-X 3Day Sprint. We don’t want you lying awake with questions, so here are some more details about the venue and parking options.

We’re at the Spark NZ Corporate Office, 167 Victoria Street West. You can find it on Google Maps here. Entry is from Victoria Street West or Hardinge Street

Good travel options are bikes, scooters, feet, EVs and public transport. If you’re bringing a car, there’s limited parking on the street.

Also, the following off-street parking is nearby.

  • Skycity Parking, 50 Nelson Street
  • Victoria Park Market, 6 Drake Street
  • Graham Street Parking, 24 Graham Street
  • Nelson Street Lost, 17-21 Nelson Street
  • Tournament Parking, 201 Victoria Street West
  • Tournament Parking, 77 Fanshawe Street
  • Fanshawe Street Carpark, 72-100 Fanshawe Street

It’s a good idea to bring:

  • a laptop, phone and chargers
  • a water bottle and a reusable coffee cup
  • anything else you’ll need to stay comfortable as you work.
Packing and parking
PPhotographer: Aaron Thomas | Source: Unsplash

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