How to pitch your climate innovation idea

The 3Day Climate-X Sprint is where people who give a damn about the planet get together starting with a pitch to make a difference. Teams form around ideas they feel have the potential to change the game for climate and carbon. Mentors and experts work alongside them for the duration of the Sprint, helping them validate their ideas and remain focussed on taking action.

Given the sheer scale of change needed to take New Zealand to carbon zero, the Climate-X collective will be looking for innovation of any kind. Anyone can pitch an idea but it is possible that not all ideas will get traction in the room. So if you’re coming to Climate-X with a specific idea you’d like people to work on, you’ll want to prepare.

You’ve got one minute

Day One of the Sprint is the first chance to test out ideas with others in the Climate-X community. The event kicks off with open mic sessions where you get to pitch your project. You have 60 seconds and a room full of like-minded souls who are committed to take action and follow through. Your job in those 60 seconds is to spark interest and attract the people you need to get your idea out of your head and into the hearts, minds and hands of others. If your idea is important to you, you’ll practice your pitch.

Get pitch-ready

Firstly, the rules. You’ve got 1 minute, no props and no slides. It’s just you and the mic. The reality is that you’ll have roughly 120 words to:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Share the problem you’ve noticed
  • Float your idea, and
  • Ask for the skills and support you need from the room

Great pitches will have the best chance of attracting team members. Here are three ways to get the most out of your 60 seconds:

Be human. Be magnetic

Share your vision and your spirit. Bring your enthusiasm for change and your appetite for action.

Make it memorable

Think about stories you can tell that make it easier for people to grasp what the problem is and how your idea can help. Make it super simple and highly accessible for people in other industries or from other professions.

Sew seeds

Your pitch is just the start – all ideas will change during the Sprint. So your aim is to generate interest in the room and start building your tribe, not present a polished business plan.

Once everyone has pitched, the room gets moving. You’ll be able to chat to people and encourage them to work on your idea. Teams form as participants gather around the idea that captures their imagination or suits their skills. Then the real path towards carbon zero begins.

Sign up to the Climate-X programme to tell us a bit more about yourself and join the Sprint.

Photographer: Chris Moore | Source: Unsplash

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