Don’t wait because the climate won’t

Here’s the thing. The plight of the climate will not wait, so nor can we. Our next Climate-X event will bring together people who are ready to act now, and we’d love you to join us.

What to expect at the next Climate-X event

You’ll find yourself in a movement that’s gathering pace; where contribution counts, and talent is broad. You’ll get to know the kinds of people who are signing up for the Climate-X 3-Day Sprint. You’ll have both common and complementary skills with potential collaborators.

What you'll get from Climate-X

If you have an idea for reducing carbon emissions, come to find technical and commercial know-how to help you get going. If you want to be part of something innovative and important, then your support will be valued. If experiencing new ways of working is something that appeals to you, then Climate-X might be your new tribe.

Above all, Climate-X is for people who are ready to do things differently. The Climate Leaders Coalition is backing the Climate-X Programme as its innovation stream. Like us they know that it’s time for novel thinking, and fast-paced, collaborative action.

Don't miss out

The last Climate-X event reached capacity, so register now to avoid missing out.

Photographer: David Marcu | Source: Unsplash

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New way to
make a difference

Climate-X and our programmes are laid out so you can find a place or role that works for your skills, passion and where you are on your innovation journey.

Begin, learn, participate…