Dave Rouse, Mentor

Dave's background is in business improvement and investing

Recently, I’ve got involved in philanthropic and social enterprise businesses. I co-founded a charity called Sea Cleaners and I’m the CEO of a company called Carbon Click that aims to drive more voluntary uptake of carbon-offset schemes. I’m passionate about tackling climate change, single-use plastic and more sustainable ecosystems. You could describe me as a greenie who loves business.

Dave's motivation is deep

I’m here because I’m scared. What the world is doing and what I’m doing with Carbon Click is not nearly enough. It’s 10 percent of what we need to be doing, if even that.

Mentoring can bring out the gems

Sometimes, at an event like this you’ll have a dominant personality or team or idea. My role is to tease out ideas from as many people as possible. You sometimes need to drag people out of their shells because they might just be a hidden gem. The next Thomas Edison could be in the room but they might be sitting there staring at their shoes. My role is to tease out ideas and give people realistic feedback. People often have selection bias towards their own ideas.

Success is finishing with purpose and a plan

I’d love to see people leave with a real sense of passion for investigating their ideas further. I hope they have a sense of purpose and a plan to help them take the next steps. That would be a really powerful outcome. And who knows, we might come up with something out of leftfield that changes the world.

Dave Rouse

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