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Experts and Knowhow

Startup and Business

Innovation Teams need to identify and test ideas (product or proposition validation), understand markets (market validation), build business and delivery models, and connect it all together. Expertise and knowhow in marketing, finance, management and communications are needed. You might also connect Innovation Teams with industry connections and networks to validate and accelerate their progress. 

Experts and Knowhow

Carbon and Climate

Because Innovation Teams are working on projects to impact carbon and climate they need to know how to move the levers. Identifying, moving and measuring progress on the central issue requires knowledge and experience. If you already know the challenges we face and are looking to get information in the places that make a difference then this is a powerful opportunity to contribute and scale your knowhow.

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Next Generation of Innovation

Mentors are a core part of building capability. Work with a remarkable collection of peers to contribute to the ideas and people of our future.