Are you…. creative, curious and able to capture stories as they unfold?


Join us as a curator of knowledge and best practice Climate-X is all about breaking new ground. We expect to see learning and innovation at every step of the journey. But to have maximum impact, we need those bold moves captured and shared across the collective.

Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal

Tell the story of change

Showcase what we can do together

Leave a trail for others to follow

Knowledge and best practice
We are on the hunt for talented curators able to tell our story. Can you work your way through messy data and achieve a sense of order? Can you take a whole heap of scattered activity and record it as a streamlined process? Can you sit amongst talented people and spot the bold moves as they happen? We need our stories captured for tomorrow. If you’re someone who loves to spot innovation and can write clearly about even the most complex of subjects, get involved as a Climate-X curator.

Your impact….

You’ll be a guardian of innovation and a custodian of knowledge. Your contribution will help codify best-practice and share successes. Ultimately, you will be helping us map a way to reach a healthier planet, faster.

Writers and Wordsmiths

Share who we are and what we do so other can follow

Video Makers and Photographers

Capture journeys and moments. Inspire action.


Connect and support teams, ideas and communities