Climate-X’s first orientation event brought talent together, and much more

At the first Climate-X Orientation event, we met a bunch of people who give a damn about the future. If you missed out, be sure you get in early for the next orientation event – we expect to reach capacity again.

The room was bursting with ideas, talent and passion from every size of company and industry. We reckon it’s an indication of just how much potential is coming together for Climate-X.

Climate-X Orientation hosted by Ports of Auckland

Alan Froggatt, Programme Lead, introduced Climate-X to the room. It was easy to imagine his words as first sparks of the big, bright ideas that Climate-X will stoke.

Rod Snodgrass, from the Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC), shared his passion and the commitment of the CLC signatories. Similarly, Rowan Yeoman offered a taste of some of the knowledge that will be on offer to innovators during the upcoming 3-Day Sprint.

Ports of Auckland set down a significant challenge for other hosts and CLC members to match them. Ports' carbon reduction initiatives are impressive – LED light changeouts at a whole new level (literally), and hydrogen power. Hydrogen! Furthermore, our host Stefan Fortuin served up delicious refreshments that were carbon-neutral. Yum.

So, what’s next?

  • Send anyone you think would be a good fit the programme to sign up at
  • Lock July 11 July 13 into your diary for the 3 Day Climate-X Sprint– CLC members have committed to supporting their teams with time to attend.
  • Get social and spread the word with #ClimateXOrg and our accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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