Climate-X inspires disruption of corporate habits – Jessica Satherley

“Fold your arms and notice which hand is sitting on which bicep. Now, fold your arms the other way and see how long it takes your brain to figure that out.” Climate-X lead, Alan Froggatt, laid out this simple challenge to a crowded room of climate change enthusiasts at the second Climate-X Orientation event. It’s disruption at a micro level.

“This exercise demonstrates how certain behaviours become habitual. And, when we try to change those habits, it interrupts a neural pathway and takes more effort.

“The familiar neural pathway is going to feel more comfortable than the other way. Now, imagine how hard it is for a corporation to change their habits,” he said.

Climate-X is on a mission to deconstruct and disrupt ‘business as usual’. It's about stimulating change. The Programme enables a growing collective of innovators to work on climate in start-up style sprints.

Westpac welcomed innovators primed for positive disruption

The packed meeting room at Westpac’s Auckland headquarters was filled with representatives from big corporations and small tech startups alike.

Each table of attendees brainstormed about the current environmental problems they face. They explained the skills, passions and expertise they could share to solve such issues.

People’s passions lay across recycling, mass manufacturing and consumerism, and the building industry. The teams put their gusto to work in a hope to create a collaborative plan.

Froggatt likened some of the talk about climate change as ‘sitting up in the stands’ of a sports game. In contrast, people who pick up the opportunity and take action are ‘on the court’.

Disruption starts by being in the game; not the sidelines

The goal of Climate-X is to motivate people to get on the court and make change. A two-hour brainstorming session can only achieve so much, which is why Climate-X has a ‘three-day sprint’ coming up in July.

Starting on July 11, the three-day sprint gives people the time, motivation and support to come up with new innovations and take action on them.

And, it won't end there. A programme of mentoring follows for viable ideas. The Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC) has also said there will be funds available for certain projects.

“There is purchase power; it’s not just a nice time at an orientation,” Froggatt said.

“So, are you on the court and ready to fold your arms a different way?”

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Photographer: Carlos Arthur M.R | Source: Unsplash

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