Champion Innovation where it counts

Climate Leaders Coalition Ambassadors

Signing on to the Climate Leaders Coalition was great moment of leadership. Ambassadors within signatory organisation are champions that are committed to making that pledge real.
Ambassadors act, lead. Made of equal parts talent spotter, connector, cheerleader and intrapreneur. They know how to make sure the right people in their organisation are informed and enrolled. They clear a path for talent to engage with the future.

What is in it for


Adapting to new demands means innovating.  Whether it is industry standards,  investment requirements,  competitive technologies or business model shifts.  We are in unprecedented times. Developing talent and capability  is everybody’s business.  Starting your promising talent in a Climate-X Sprint gets them engaged with the issues, now and in the future.

What is in it for


Many great things start with a simple conversation. Somebody holds the door open to an opportunity or a career, somebody encourages us.  The talent and innovations of tomorrow might be within our organisations and networks right now.  If every person who understands the importance of this project acted and brought another person with them… Well imagine that.

Pan Corporate Climate Innovation

Build Talent, Relationship and Seed Ventures

As a member of the Climate Leaders Coalition, your company is invited to take part in our innovation initiative, Climate-X.

The event aims to bring together Climate-X – talented people from within the participating CLC organisations who are passionate about innovation and climate change – and deliver solutions to address New Zealand’s carbon zero challenge.

Using a start-up approach, we’ll harness people’s ideas and talent to address some big problems in a 3 Day Sprint event. Viable teams and the best ideas from the Sprint can proceed to a Mentor and Measure series where we identify partners, resources and opportunities on their way to impacting carbon and climate.  This can lead to commercial ventures or technologies.

The Sprint will run in Auckland across three days from Thursday 11 July through to Saturday 13 July. It’s intense. Your staff will need to be supported with time off work and be prepared to sacrifice part of their weekend.

However, it’s an opportunity for your brightest and most passionate talent to:

  • work with like-minded people from a range of sectors and organisations,
  • learn new skills and stretch themselves in a challenging and empowering environment
  • contribute to the important work your business has already started around climate change.

We need to get the ball rolling and your assistance in engaging the right people in your organisation is vital. We only need 2-4 innovators from each company with energy, spirit and desire. 

Above all,  please encourage those with a genuine interest in innovation and reducing carbon emissions to put their name forward at http://Climate-X.Org

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.
Rod Snodgrass