Livia Esterhazy, Climate-X Judge

Livia Esterhazy is the Chief Executive Officer of the WWF-New Zealand.

“When I joined WWF-New Zealand in 2017 it changed the way I saw the world. I realised both the challenges that face us in conservation, like species loss and climate change, and the determination shown by New Zealanders to overcome these challenges.”

Ms Esterhazy is in many ways a global citizen with French, Australian and New Zealand citizenship. She’s put roots down with her family in Aotearoa. After more than a decade managing advertising agencies, she now applies her commercial expertise to make a positive contribution to the wider social good.

Ms Esterhazy says, “New Zealand’s natural environment is taonga. Once great flightless birds roamed Aotearoa’s forests. But once humans were here, moa were hunted into extinction.

“Today, our world’s rarest marine dolphin is at risk of disappearing forever, all because of us. Science tells us this must stop now.”

Livia is known as a strategic thinker with financial acumen, great communication capabilities and charisma, good networks and as a strong advocate for living in harmony with nature.

Previously she was the Managing Director at Clemenger BBDO, and she’s also had senior management roles with Saatchi & Saatchi, Kiwibank and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and is a non-executive director on the Treasury’s Board. As a judge, she’ll see how ideas fit into the world of business, people and planet.

Livia Esterhazy

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