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I’ve owned and operated several businesses ranging from leadership development to private equity investment. My focus is on providing individuals and organisations with the tools they need to reach for extraordinary performance and achievement.

Too important not to be involved

I’m Alan Froggatt’s business partner at Genratec and our work is fundamentally about human change. When we were approached by the Climate Leaders Coalition, we agreed that climate change was too important not to be involved. This has been a rewarding commitment that has required a huge undertaking of time and effort to be involved.

So why are we here? I want to be able to look my 11-year-old in the eye in the future and tell him that we put our shoulder to this problem, that we did our damndest to do something about it.

How do we make a difference?

At times it feels so big and so overwhelming. I know I can make a difference in my own life. I can compost and bring reusable bags to the supermarket. And I can make a difference with the people and organisations we work with at Genratec. But how is that going to make a difference to the planet?

I talk to my family and friends about climate change but most of the time it’s just annoying them. A lot of people switch off or are distracted by issues that are related to climate change but don’t solve the big problem.

Focus, focus, focus

We need to figure out the three things we should get behind. The government has funding to tackle this issue but so many different organisations put their hand up for funding, it ends up being diluted. Out of this event and future Climate-X events, hopefully, we’ll end up with two or three ideas that we can get behind and take to the Mentor and Measure phase.

I’m not a climate change domain expert. What I’m good at is figuring where people are blocked in terms of communication and understanding. I use the Socratic method of enquiry to help them figure it out. I ask lots of questions rather than delivering the answers. We’ve got lots of experts on board to help with the technical stuff but I’m more about helping them focus on what matters.

Building a tribe

The key to engaging people is first to form a tribe of people who are passionate and committed to trying to make a difference. Climate-X is the start of building a tribe of committed Kiwis.

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