Work together as

As a domain expert, you may have a career or role in sustainability.

Event participants can come from anywhere, from any level of an organisation or from the wild - they’re the ones who see opportunities around them, then do something about it. We’re looking for a balance of domain experts, project solution builders and professionals with a commercial mindset.

Passion and Talent

Startup and Business

Ideas need a range of diverse talent from different backgrounds to bring them to life. You might be someone who can understand and bring the skills and knowledge of how to get things built in the business world. Marketing, finance, management and communications work together to deliver on the promise of the idea. Often they need to be as innovative as the product. You’ll work with passionate people committed to our future and learn new skills.
Passion and Talent

Climate and Carbon

We are focused on impacting carbon emissions. There are specific problems that require a solution. That means understanding the process of reducing them. It might be directly – the science and technology, or immediately surrounding the issue – the systems like production methods or organisational needs. These are just a start. If you are in this area then this is a way to amplify what you know and bring it to the world.
Some of the best views

Are out over the edge

Our future is really in our hands. Who we are and what we do collectively is the defining issue of our times. We’re put ourselves on the side on history, putting our time, attention and skill into solutions for todays problems and tomorrows benefit. It will be those on the edge that will lead us, thinking differently than what lead us to here, thinking about whats next and making it happen.

“Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center.
Big, undreamed-of things–the people on the edge see them first.”

Kurt Vonnegut